How to choose your skirt according to your morphology?

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April 2, 2017
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November 22, 2017
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How to choose your skirt according to your morphology?

With the summer coming, we only want to show our tanned legs. And for that, nothing better than a pretty skirt well chosen. Well chosen, yes, because all forms of skirt are not suitable for everyone. Trapeze skirt, midi skirt, mini skirt, corolla skirt … Cosmo gives you the right guide to choose your skirt according to its morphology.

It is quite difficult to find THE perfect skirt. Yes, yes, the one that suits us very well because it draws our pretty buttocks and sublimates our legs. To be stylish, how to show off with trendy pieces!

The most important thing to know about what suits you or not is to determine your morphology, that is, the shape of your body. So rather A, V, H, O, or X? To find your way, follow the guide!
Choose your skirt: determine your morphology

To determine your morphology, it’s simple, just observe your body.

Marilyn and Alexia, personal stylists and personal shopper, advise to be placed in front of a mirror, in underwear: “the points of focus are the width of the shoulders, the hips and the size. It must be determined whether the shoulders and hips are more or less aligned or whether the size is marked or not. You just have to choose according to your silhouette.

The silhouettes in O: all in roundness, your body has a size little or not marked and your shoulders are aligned with your hips.

V-shaped silhouettes: your shoulders are wider than your hips.

The silhouettes in H: your shoulders are aligned with your hips and your size is not marked.

Silhouettes in A: your hips are wider than your shoulders.

The silhouettes X or 8: your shoulders are aligned with your hips but you have the size thin and well marked. The silhouette in 8 is the pulpy version of the X.

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