Instructions to wear the midi skirt?

The skirt, THE survivor
November 22, 2017
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Instructions to wear the midi skirt?

The midi skirt can scare by its length “in-between”. And yet, it is part of these indispensable fashion to adopt eyes closed. The midi skirt tight, flared or skater has its place in your dressing room. And no, it is not necessarily “memérisante”!

The midi skirt, what is it? First, it’s an old memory of the 50’s. At a time when you had to wear neither too short nor too long. At a time when revealing the ankles and the birth of the calf was enough. A skirt of chic and bourgeois lady, fluid and comfortable that carried our grandmother, in short.

Do not panic, the midi skirt remains an ally mode of choice. It pleases us with its hyper versatile side, casual or chic look, it makes us the promise of trendy looks. Already on top for a few years, we find it again (with pleasure) this season.

Not short enough to be sexy, not long enough to be glamorous, its length is as much the weak point as the strength of the midi skirt. At first glance, she feels mothballs from here, just out of your grandmother’s attic.

Yet, notice to fashionistas: the midi skirt is not old. She is even hype. Just know what to wear it with.

First, we leave behind us, definitely, the 50s version. If the midi skirt gives you a retro look, do not dive your head first. No. Precisely, we break the codes.

The midi skirt version 2018 is for fashion models, those who are not afraid to wear sandals with socks. So, the most daring let go: they mix the midi skirt with a sweatshirt, the day and with a cropped top, the evening.

For others, who like to wear jeans with white T-shirts, there is the soft version: the midi skirt is worn with a tight sweater or turtleneck and a pair of boots or sneakers.

In the evening, we love wearing it with a lace camisole and a leather perfecto for a successful mix of styles.

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